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Ruby/Israel "Miriam"

💙 Commercial (possible sale pending)

Goat , Kiko , Dry Yearling (female) |Red/Brown

DOB: 3/25/2023 (1 yr)

Sire: LFR Prince's Israel


LFR Prince's Israel

Kiko Buck (male) White/Black

NKR# N21M0022LFR4 DOB: 2/17/20213 yrs
Bt. Wt. 8.6# Twin (wattles) Sold to Two Men and a Hen!
  | NKR# N21M0022LFR4 | White/Black

💙 NKR Registered Purebred w/Wattles


Kiko Doe (female) Reddish brown

NKR# N20F0108DOG5 DOB: 3/22/20204 yrs
(wattles) Penned with SAMSON 9/17/21 to 10/26/21 2/24/22 kidded a Big Buckling as a FF 8.8# Brown Buckling w/blue eyes & Wattles Bred to ISRAEL and SAMSON 10/28/22 3/25/23 kidded twins 6.6# Brown Doeling w/Wattles 6.3# Blk/W buckskin Doeling w/Wattles 9/28/23 Tx w/Cydectin & Ivermectin 11/14/23 Bred to WINCHESTER 2/4/24 Ultrasound Confirmed 3/9/24 CD/T 4/10/24 kidded triplets 5# black doeling 4.4# buckling 4.3# tan doeling
  | NKR# N20F0108DOG5 | Reddish brown

Plus registration costs, if desired

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6.6# Brown girl w/Wattles and 💙 Blue Eyes
1st born twin.
1st CD/T
30 day wt 16.6#
2nd CD/T

Updated 6/13/2024