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We accept personal checks, money order, cashier's checks, and cash. Half of full total due upon Agreement to Purchase and remaining due upon pickup or before. Full payment and pick up no later than 30 days of Agreement to Purchase unless discussed and agreed upon in advance.
Are you wanting registered or commercial/unregistered?
Posted price is for unregistered and requires half down.
You may also have animal(s) registered through NKR or AKGA for the additional cost as follows:
$35 for DNA test, $10 for ownership transfer, $5 for microchip, and $10 for registration.

We've made some changes over the last year. We bought a farm and made the move from Jackson, Michigan to Hanover, Michigan for more land and better forage for the goats.
We decided to upgrade our gene pool and invest in our future. We did a lot of discussing and researching and mapped out the direction we wanted to go in order to produce only the very best Kikos. We are shooting for constistant production of excellent mother's with great udders, parasite resistance/great famacha, low maitenance hooves, and good body confirmation.
We picked only a few from our original herd to keep and sold off the rest. (Still good goats and lineage but had to make room for new bloodlines to be added.)
In April after kidding season ended on our farm, we drove to the combined Severn's Ranch (SEV) & (DHS) in Texas to purchase some high quality doelings and 2 bucklings (LUCKY FOR US, 1 is a 100% NZ Mingo's son from AI!)
Then in June we drove to HIL farm in Kansas (John & Leita Hill) to pick up some really nice Blue's Son genetics.
We stopped in on Betty Joubert & Pat Larr @ Hoosier Hill Meat Goats in Indiana "Cuz it was on our way home of course" and picked up some girls with excellent thickness of body, length and height from Shogun, Maker's Mark, and LEN 8 genes.
Actually, we were so impressed with these girls that we went to the Cream of the Crop sale and purchased another Doe from that family and to my delight, she was sold bred to Hoosier Ten High (top 10 overall buck 2016 Maryland Test)!
While at COC sale, we were fortunate enough to get some other great girls like NZ Spitfire's Scarlet, PB Ghost Rider's daughter, NZ Blue Thunder's daughter sold bred to Ghost Rider, and NZ Tamara, who is a very big yearling granddaughter of WAYSU Goliath's Keeper over Wild Bill's Callie and Terminator's XXX over ECR Alexandria. This girl is stunning!
Then to close out our perfectly gathered dream team, we went to North Carolina and picked up some top of the line Genetics from Jeff and Nona Cullen @ the abandoned dog kiko goats. NZ buckling has Strike Gold and double bred Roho Grande' on top and TAY Onyx, Iron Horse, and Isaiah's Fire on bottom. Also purchased a really nice NZ doeling and 3 great PB doelings from them.
Now that we have our new foundation herd, we are so extremely excited to see major improvement! Now that we've went all over the US to hand pick our desired lineage as well as great looking individual animals!! Our future is looking very bright indeed!!!
Breeding 23 Does for 2022 kidding season. Expecting close to 40 kids to hit the ground starting February-March. Contact us right away to get on the reserve list.