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The Lozier Family Kiko Ranch

Breeder of Michigan's most Majestic Kiko's

Ghost's Boy "Simba"

Sweet. Perfect Pet! Runt of the litter.

Goat , Kiko , Kid (male) |Brown/Black/White

DOB: 2/21/2022 (Under 1 yr)

Sire: SEV The Bandit

AKGA/NKR Registered Purebred

SEV The Bandit

Kiko Buck (male) Brown/Black/White w/spots

AKGA# 19P483SEV53,& nbsp;NKR# N19M0483SEV2 Deceased
Born a twin weighing 9# 90 day wt. 44# (Texas Purchase)
  | AKGA# 19P483SEV53, NKR# N19M0483SEV2 | Brown/Black/White w/spots
Dam: DRG "Ghost" Rider's 516

Deposit paid - MaryAnn

DRG "Ghost" Rider's 516

Kiko First Freshener (female) Brown and black w/white spots

NKR# N19F0516DRG0 DOB: 12/29/20192 yrs
2020 Cream of the Crop Purchase 8/9/21 artificial insemination to TNT Shazam Update AI did not take, penned with Bandit for clean up 9/22 to 10/26 11/6/21 Ultrasound confirmed bred 2/22/22 kidded twins 6.83# Black Girl 3.74# Tri-colored Boy
  | NKR# N19F0516DRG0 | Brown and black w/white spots
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3.74# Twin
Smaller than the others due to smaller birth weight. Very healthy and happy. Great for a pet!

Updated 8/4/2022