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The Lozier Family Kiko Ranch

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LFR Jenna

Registered Purebred

Goat , Kiko , Doe (female) |White

NKR# N21F 0005LFR4 | DOB: 2/19/2021 (3 yrs)


Available! AKGA/NKR Registered Purebred


Kiko Buck (male) White and Black

AKGA# 19K105LNH43,& nbsp;NKR# N19M0105LNH3 Deceased
Thrown twice as many doelings as he has bucklings. Bright red famacha. Not aggressive. Easy handler. Gets the job done quickly - Everytime. Mom had excellent milk supply. Gallon a day. She was also an easy milker.
  | AKGA# 19K105LNH43, NKR# N19M0105LNH3 | White and Black
Dam: "Lana" PBG Maker's Moonbeam 1949

SOLD - MaryAnn

"Lana" PBG Maker's Moonbeam 1949

Kiko Doe (female) White

NKR# N19F1949PBG8,& nbsp;AKGA# 19K949PBG43 DOB: 3/8/20194 yrs
Retained by Lozier Family Ranch Ultrasound confirmed 2 kids 🤩 KIDDED A BUCKLING @7.15# AND A DOELING @6.6# ON 2/20/21! penned with Samson 9/17 - 10/26 11/6/21 Ultrasound confirmed bred 2/24/22 kidded Twin Doelings BW 4.5# ea. **KEEPING BOTH DOELINGS** (12/2022 Sold as bred to Remington)
  | NKR# N19F1949PBG8, AKGA# 19K949PBG43 | White

Registerable Purebred

Freya/Bandit "Phoenix"

Kiko Buck (male) Red and white

DOB: 2/21/20222 yrs
8.4# Twin Michigan Majestic Kikos Up to date on CD/T

After weaning

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Twin, birth weight 6.6#
(Mom has *extra teat)

9/11/22 Bred to SAMSON
10/29/22 Ultrasound confirmed
2/8/23 Kidded Single
6.3# Doeling (Emma *extra teat)

8/2/23 Bred to PHOENIX
Ultrasound Confirmed 9/24/23
DUE date 12/28/23
6.1# blue roan Boy
6.8# red/brown Girl

Updated 2/10/2024