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The Lozier Family Kiko Ranch

Breeder of Michigan's most Majestic Kiko's


💙 NKR Registered Purebred

Goat , Kiko , Doe (female) |Brown/Tan points & spots

NKR# N20F0102DOG1 | DOB: 3/21/2020 (4 yrs)

Sire: DOG Hamish N18M0055DOG1
Dam: GCK INGA N16C0056GCK7

Michigan Majestic Kiko's

LFR Loki

Kiko Buck (male) White/Brown/Black

AKGA# 20P128LFR72 DOB: 6/17/20203 yrs
1st born Triplet. Birth weight 8.4#
Not for Sale
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Placed with SAMSON 9/17/21
Removed from SAMSON 10/9/21
--Went into heat again
Bred to BANDIT 12/27-12/29
--Went into heat again
Re-bred to ISRAEL, CASH, SAMSON, and LOKI confirmed - due 6/15
6/15/22 kidded twins
Girl: 5.73# dappled **died**
Boy: 6.70# WATTLES, blue eyed, black with brown spots **WATTLES means ISRAEL is the proud papa!**

11/1/22 Bred to ISRAEL.... and REMINGTON
3/25/23 kidded twins
7.27# Boy w/wattles
7.27# Boy w/Wattles
**WATTLES means ISRAEL is the proud papa!**

8/8/23 Bred to LOKI
9/24/23 Ultrasound Unclear
10/1/23 Ultrasound Confirmed Pregnant!
1/7/24 delivered a Single
10.7# Buckling

Updated 1/8/2024