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The Lozier Family Kiko Ranch

Breeder of Michigan's most Majestic Kiko's

LFR Kara

AKGA Registered Purebred

Goat , Kiko , Doe (female) |White, Black, and Brown

AKGA# 20P129LFR73 | DOB: 6/17/2020 (3 yrs)

Sire: TNT Game Changer Y222


TNT Game Changer Y222

Kiko Buck (male) Tan

AKGA# 15P222TNT43 DOB: 3/31/20159 yrs
  | AKGA# 15P222TNT43 | Tan
Dam: MSF GiGi



Kiko Doe (female) White and Black

AKGA# 13P064MSF46,& nbsp;NKR# N13F0064MSF8 DOB: 3/6/201311 yrs
Negative for CL, CAE, and Johne's. Double Registered, very big girl, excellent mothering skills, great Famacha and Hooves. Excellent milk production and very rich milk. Has always birthed at least twins, unassisted. Kids are always thick and healthy. (Keeping one from 2019 as next Herd Sire!)
  | AKGA# 13P064MSF46, NKR# N13F0064MSF8 | White and Black

💙 100% NZ w/spots

DRG Ghost Rider's "Remington"

Kiko Buck (male) Dappled

DOB: 12/31/20212 yrs
bt wt 8.8# 30d wt. 26.8# 60d wt 42.4# 90d wt 49.6#
Not for Sale
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2nd born Triplet. Birth weight 8.2#

penned w/BANDIT 9/17 to 10/26
11/6/21 Ultrasound confirmed bred
3/13/22 kidded twins
8.7# Boy moon spots
7# Girl moon spots (Tinker Bell)

9/11/22 Bred to REMINGTON
10/29/22 Ultrasound confirmed
2/11/23 Kidded twins
9.4# Buckling w/Moon Spots
8.5# Buckling Dappled

8/7/23 bred to REMINGTON
Ultrasound Confirmed 9/9/23
1/4/24 kidded twins
6# Light Tan Girl w/dark moon spots
6.8# Tricolored Girl w/white spots

Planning to breed to WINCHESTER fall of 2024!

Updated 2/16/2024