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The Lozier Family Kiko Ranch

Breeder of Michigan's most Majestic Kiko's


AKGA/NKR Registered Purebred

Goat , Kiko , Doe (female) |Brown/White/Black

AKGA# 19K107LNH45, NKR# N19F0107LNH1 | DOB: 4/24/2019 (5 yrs)

Sire: KHR Tarzan


KHR Tarzan

Kiko Buck (male) White/Black/Brown

AKGA# 15P022KHR23,& nbsp;NKR# N15M0022KHR4 DOB: 8/18/20158 yrs
  | AKGA# 15P022KHR23, NKR# N15M0022KHR4 | White/Black/Brown
Dam: MSF Stripe


MSF Stripe

Kiko Doe (female) Brown/White/Black

AKGA# 14P078MSF54,& nbsp;NKR# N14F0078MSF9 DOB: 12/4/20149 yrs
Negative for CL, CAE, and Johne's. Double Registered, tall thick girl, excellent mothering skills, easy handling, great Famacha and Hooves. Easy to milk and good rich milk as well. Always a happy girl! Has always birthed at least twins, unassisted. Evenly weighted, beautiful, healthy babies Everytime.
  | AKGA# 14P078MSF54, NKR# N14F0078MSF9 | Brown/White/Black

💙 100% New Zealand AKGA/NKR Registered

DOG Samson

Kiko Buck (male) Black/Brown

AKGA# 20p095dog42,& nbsp;NKR# N20m0095dog9 DOB: 3/19/20204 yrs
100% NZ Buckling Blue Eyes DOB - 3/19/20 Twin BW: 8.1 lbs 30 Day: 23.2lbs (ADG .50) 60 Day: 38lbs (ADG .50) 90 Day: 50lbs (ADG .47) 150 Day: 62 lbs (ADG .38) ​
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Twin, b/wt. 8.7#, 90 day wt. 40#

FF bred to BANDIT
Ultrasound confirmed pregnant with twins 🤩
Delivered 1 boy & 1 girl. Boy is available. Girl is being retained. (**Girl - open Fx of front leg at 18 months old. Put down).

Penned with LOKI 9/19/21
***Witnessed breeding 9/24***
(removed from LOKI's pen 10/9/21)
11/6/21 Ultrasound confirmed bred
2/19/22 kidded Twins
9# buckling
8.8# buckling

9/10/22 Bred to LOKI
10/22/22 Ultrasound confirmed pregnant
2/8/23 Kidded Single
10.3# buckling

8/7/23 Bred to SAMSON
Ultrasound Confirmed 9/24/23
1/4/24 kidded twins
7# black/red-brown/white Girl
7.5# Moana lookalike Girl

Updated 1/19/2024